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LoveBaum Bicycles is the two man frame building duo of Chad Lovings and Bryce Baumann. Together we build thoughtfully designed, meticulously crafted bicycles in Denver, CO. We met in Rifle, CO while studying the craft under Koichi Yamaguchi. It was there we realized we shared a vision for creating high quality steel frame bicycles and decided to team up. LoveBaum was born and we have been working to make our dream a reality ever since. We take pride in our work and believe a quality bicycle is the result of hard work and attention to detail. From the precision of our miters to the tidiness of our brazing and finish work we take great care in crafting each bicycle that leaves our shop.

How to order

The ordering process begins with a conversation. If you're interested or just have a question send us an email using the contact form below. We like to get to know our customers and determine exactly what kind of bike they want before we proceed with taking a deposit. Once you are ready to order your custom bike we'll request a $500 non-refundable deposit which reserves your spot in queue to begin the design process.

Base Prices

Frame - $1650
Fork - $350
Frame - $1750
Fork - $350
Frame - $1850
Fork - $450
Frame - $1900
Fork - $450
Stem - $250

Frame Details

Every <a href="http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/bike-made/">frame</a> is crafted with high quality steel from trusted manufacturers like True Temper and Columbus. Each frame includes custom geometry and a show quality powder finish from Spectrum Powderworks. More complex powder or paint finish options are available as well.


We prefer to build complete bicycles. This allows us to consider every element of the build and ensure it is assembled to the highest standards. We partner with many reputable parts manufacturers such as ENVE, Paul, White Industries, Chris King, Thomson, Shimano, and others in order to provide competitive pricing . In addition to parts we also provide hand built wheels to complete your bike.

we are passionate about cycling

Best Gym Equipment to Start Your Home Gym It's sometimes time-consuming and more expensive attending commercial gym every day with no extraordinary services offered there. Due to this, you can have your own home gym where there will never be a crowd, you can always play your favorite music, as well as having excellent towel services and you can grunt all you want. When you do the comparison with the typical membership, it's not all that expensive. To make sure your home gym is of the high standards, make sure you have the following equipment in place.

Power Rack
You can't say your home gym is complete without a power rack. You should consider it as the centerpiece. The power rack provides all sorts of the framework for your body ranging from bodyweight exercise as well as hardcore strength training. Power rank is also the best anchor for resistance bands as well as suspension trainers. Read more about power racks at https://www.pumpninc.com/best-power-rack-squat-cage/

Foam Roller
For you to gain, you need recovery ability. The foam roller will hit your tight points in muscles, therefore increasing the motion range and easing knots. It's recommended to use it before and after a workout so as to accelerate muscle repair and boost performance in general.

Olympic Bar and Bumper Plates
Unlike the standard bar which weighs approximately or even less than 30 pounds, a 45- pound Olympic bar has the ability to handle heavy loads with no signal of permanent bending. It's more stable when it's loading and removing plates due to its heavier weights. In case you care about your floor, you need bumper plate’s weights.

It offers a range of exercises. You can use one at a time so as to develop stability or use it build the power and strength by grabbing a pair of it. These will help you save your money and space by using the adjustable version of Power-blocks which is capable of replacing the entire rack of conventional dumbbells for almost half a price.

Rubber Flooring
These are also used by commercial gyms. You should also use them. They help in protecting floors and weight from damage as well as deadening the sound of the dropped weights. This is the best compared to the wood or concrete flooring.

Suspension Trainer
This is a comprehensive tool in its own way. It's also the ultimate work out accessory. They are also ultra portable hence making them a good ideal for working out of the road. You can attach one of your power racks to accommodate a 100 bodyweight exercise of varying difficulty.

Medicine Ball
This one is timeless. You toss it against the wall or floor to gain power. Have your partner and play catch to work your abs. Choose the hard shell which will perfectly bounce. A bonus to its use, you can roll your legs, chest, and back on it for a massage after the workout.

Squat Cages
These equipment are undisputed kings of strength training. They are the commonly used by weightlifters and athletes to build strengths, muscle building, and performance improvements.

Adjustable Bench
The adjustable bench sets a field for various different lifts. From bench presses to hip thrusts as well as step-ups. You should use the adjustable one since the flat bench doesn’t give you much flexibility.

When practicing using kettlebells, its center of gravity shifts, therefore increasing the challenge. Buy some few sizes which will help you to do different exercises.

Resistance Bands
Apart from their great mobility work, you can also use them to make your body rotate like pull-ups and pushups harder or easier. They have the ability to increase the heavy lifts intensity when they are looped at the barbell end and the pins at the power rack base.

With all those equipment among many others, your home gym will be perfect. You will save your money time and you will remain physically fit at the comfort of your home.


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